Grow your child’s faith through God stories

INSIDE: Why stories, particularly God stories, are crucial for the spiritual development of children, and 3 free stories. Dav was the type of kid that got in trouble a lot in class, so he spent a lot of time in the hallway. In the hallway, he wrote comic books.  He was later diagnosed with dyslexia, so reading, in general, was hard for him. ​In a recent interview, he talked about having dyslexia and becoming discouraged with reading. His mom, realizing that he was getting discouraged, decided that she would try to encourage him to read anything. Rather than focusing on what he was reading, she got him a library card and let him get anything he wanted.  “There was no judgement whatsoever. And so I read all the time, and I think that’s really what changed me. Fun leads to habits, and habits lead to skill. And before you know it, I … Read More